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Dear, i use a sdc2130 with 1 dc motor and 1 encoder (hall effect).

I use encoder1 feedback 1A and 1B pin on the db15.
I have a lot of noise on the 5volts and on the ground.
I have put capacitor bethween the 5 volts and the GND (100uF, 47uF, 470nF).
The signal i now good at the idle state.
When i use the motor, i have noise on the encoder 1A and 1B signal.
I have put ferrite to signals wire and well separate motor cable, but the problem is the same : error count due to noise.
So i have put an external 5 volts power supply. Now signal is good when level is high but when the level is down (0V) the encoder return the ground still
with the controller noise.
Do you have special request to solve noise on ground of subd15 connector ?
Signals 1A and 1B have good level 0 and 4.4 volts but noise when signal i set to ground (spike the go over 2 volts).
This give me error count on ABCNTR,1.

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