Closed loop mode for AGV

6 years 11 months ago #29532918 by cory944
Hello again dear Roboteq team,

I'm glad to say that we are having greats results by using your products, they are great.

Now, we are making another AGV and we are using fbl2360, riox and mgs1600 again but this time AGV will be "cargo train" style, so It will pull wagons.

I am not going to go into more detail because I know there are a lot of factors playing a role, but AGV will pull approximately 350 kg total.
We have a very long straight line for AGV to go over, and client want AGV to go at around 10 km/h (6.25 mi/h) over that straight line.

We were working with previous AGVs at 5 km/h (3.1 mi/h) as top speed with a PID algorithm running on mgs1600 to guide AGV.
Do you think if it is possible to achieve that speed of 10 km/h (6.25 mi/h) on a straight line without AGV being derailed? if so
Do you think closed loop torque mode is the right choice for this task or is there another better suited mode?
Do you think another kind of guide sensor different than mgs1600 may be needed for this particular task?

To sum our system up, we have two brushless motors connected to fbl2360 with hall sensors in mixed mode, and mgs1600 with PID algorithm running on it.
I know there are tons of factors to take into account, but this is a "general" question to know if we can achieve that speed on a straight line with wagons coupled with mgs1600 as guide or if we may need another kind of guide.

Thanks in advanced,
Victor N. Cory Paz

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6 years 11 months ago #29532920 by blake
Replied by blake on topic Closed loop mode for AGV
Hello Victor,

I'm happy to hear your project is going well!

I think that it is entirely possible for you to achieve that speed with some tuning of the steering control algorithm, namely the P gain of that algorithm. Additionally you will likely need to adjust the motor controllers acceleration and deceleration settings. Increasing the acceleration will allow the controller to react faster to steering changes and thus reduce oscillation across the magnetic track.

I believe Closed Loop Speed Mode should work for this application, it is very commonly used in AGVs to regulate the speed. The controller will recognize the speed feedback from the motor's hall sensors as an RPM value. You will simply need to consider this RPM value and any gearing in your motors to calculate your linear velocity.
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6 years 11 months ago - 6 years 11 months ago #29532921 by cory944
Replied by cory944 on topic Closed loop mode for AGV

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