Building a ros package using the API or making use of existing ros packages???

6 years 1 month ago - 6 years 1 month ago #29533121 by Annem
I am using 2 HDC2450 controllers and RoboCAN to control 4 motors. The current configuration is front wheels - 1 controller, and back wheels - 1 controller instead of left/right. The goal is to use receive velocity and steering commands from a ros node and channel it to the roboteq node which would in-turn send to the controller to run the motors.

1. Would the configuration of front/back instead of left/right affect the ease of building a ros package or anything else?

2. I am not sure where to start when trying to build a ros package. I see that there is a ros package called "roboteq". I can add more than one channel to it but the not sure what all i would need to change to add a new can node to control the second controller. What do i do?

Thanks in advance.

I was able to get roboteq-usb-ros package to work on my can setup. I am just having a little tough time figuring out how to precisely send commands to left and right motors separately.

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