Using RawCAN in RoboCAN mode

6 years 1 month ago #29533153 by maple
I need to connect remote microcontroller to CAN network of 5 Roboteq controllers. It was originally done with serial cable but for various reasons I have to replace it with CAN extension. According to documentation: "RoboCAN includes support for processing raw can data as defined in the RawCAN specification".

From the 127 device IDs limitation of both formats I am guessing they both use CANOpen COB-ID format.

How can I make sure that my RawCAN messages won't be interfering with RoboCAN operation?
Specifically - are there any values for 4-bit "packet type" part of the ID that will be ignored by Roboteq nodes in RoboCAN mode?

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6 years 1 month ago #29533154 by maple
Replied by maple on topic Using RawCAN in RoboCAN mode
An update. I configured remote controller to read all messages and here is what I found:

RoboCAN sends can frames with target node ID in high 7 bits. Low 4 bits seem to be always 0110. This is not compatible with CANOpen.
I did not see any heartbeat messages, but maybe I need some additional configuration of MCP2515 for this.

In RawCAN mode message frames have whatever ID I put into header. In addition to them the heartbeat is sent in CANOpen format (1110 in high 4 bits, node ID in low 7 bits).

The problem, however, is that I cannot send RawCAN messages in RoboCAN mode, despite what documentation says. Is some special code required for this?

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