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So I have a Spektrum Receiver SPM9645 and a SDC2160 motor controller.. I am able to send a bind signal from the motor controller, but the bind wont connect to my controller. I believe this is because the bind signal coming from the motor controller is a DSM2 signal and I need a DSMX signal. Is there a way for me to swap that or is the only receiver that works the SPM9545.

My transmitter is the Spektrum DXe.

I get the bind signal on the SPM9645 and flashing led, I set the transmitter to bind mode and the bind fails and the reciever goes dark. No leds at all. When I plug in my other SPM9645 there is no led to signal power and it does the same thing on bind attempt.

Sorry if this doesnt make any sense
Just wondering if there is a way to get the SPM9645 to work.


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6 years 3 months ago #29533255 by jwatte
Replied by jwatte on topic Spektrum Recievers
As far as I understand it, the Spektrum "bind" protocol is entirely between the transmitter and receiver, and doesn't involve the controller at all.
You should be able to put the receiver in bind mode while powering it with some other battery or power supply, and bind it to the transmitter, as long as the transmitter and receiver are compatible.
If that doesn't work, you need to ask the radio TX/RX manufacturer for help, because it doesn't involve the motor controller at all.

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