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Hello all!

I've just started working with the roboteq parts.
I want to build an AGV.

Here I have the
1xFBL2360 Motocontroller
1x MGS1600GY magnetic sensor
1x RIOX board.

To start very basic, I want to make the first version run very basic like described in
AN 1326
( )

HOWEVER... I have a massive problem with wiring, because the parts don't match die description e.g. see link above Page 4. It shows MotorController with 15 pins.
See my photo , I have 25.
Also it's not clear to me, the MGS1600 comes with a completely assembled Dsub15, but they write to cut it off ?!
And then? Which cable go to which pins on the motocontroller?

Can anyone help me with that I want to make a basic version that simply drives forward and follows the line.
Can you send me fotos and or connection schema because I don't want to fry the board.

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