RGBL 1896. Hold Mode?

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RGBL 1896. Hold Mode? was created by sergey-forever
Hello. I have a RGBL1896 controller and a BLDC motor with a revolver that are used to stabilize the platform in space. Prompt, in your controllers there is an opportunity to force the engine to work in a holding mode? Is it possible to configure the controller so that when the command! G 1 0,
the motor was supplied with a constant current limited by the parameter ampLimit. I need the motor to work on GIMBAL suspensions.

Second question. If you select the robots close loop speed position and activate FwdLim and RevLim, then when the motor reaches a limit, it stops and you can not withdraw it from this position.
The controller does not respond to speed commands. You need to enable the open loop and put the mechanism in the working range, and then you can turn on the close loop speed position. Then the system works until the end of the work is finished. The behavior of the controller is always the same regardless of how to configure it -
HALL counter limit min max or encoder counter limit min max or limit switches. How correctly to adjust the controller, what in mode close loop speed position correctly worked FwdLim and RevLim?

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We do not provide a hold mode for our controllers because this is not a proper form of motor controller. Our controllers will not relinquish electrical control over the motors. If the torque exerted on the motor shaft of a motor that is in the hold condition you described is exceeded, the rotor will change positions. The best way to implement the behavior you have described is to implement one of our Closed Loop Position control modes, which will hold the motor at a desired position, and adjust motor current based on any detected position error. At high P gains, the our controllers should exhibit the holding condition you are looking for, while still reacting to position change error if it does occur.

For the second error you are describing, you will have to clarify what is going on. If you could post the configuration profile you are using, it would be a big help.

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