MGS1600GY and FBL2360

5 years 8 months ago #29534208 by Davidetwinp98
in the past when I built my first agv, everything worked for the best, I simply wrote a simple script in which I went to multiply the numbers that the mgs1600gy gave me depending on where it was on the magnetic strip, for a number that I used as a profit. .. and I've never had driving problems.
Now that I've built a slightly bigger needle, about 1/3 bigger than the previous one, it's all bad for me.
If I use the same program, adjusting the values, driving, but more agitated, more, from front to back, the guide changes drastically, it seems that one of the two drives drive worse than the other, something I had never encountered on the old branch
My hardware settings are: FBL2360 which controls two 4-pole 36V brushless motors.
2 MGS1600GY mounted respectively davnti and behind, and nothing more .... because it is giving me so many problems?
Please help me

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