SBL2360 won't turn motor in open loop

5 years 5 months ago #29534476 by tgw
Hi. A few months ago I bought an SBL2360 and I've finally gotten around to trying to use it to control two BLDC motors. It's my first time working with BLDC motors and Roboteq products, so please be patient with me.

The motors were BLWRPG235S-24V-4000-R326 BLDC motors with planetary gearboxes from Anaheim Automations:

My current setup involves powering the SBL2360 with a regulated DC power supply connected to "PwrCtrl".

To power the motors themselves I'm using a 24V NiMH battery from MegaBatteries connected to Vmot:

The three phases of the motor are connected to U1, V1, and W1. I set the operating mode to Open Loop and have not yet connected the Hall Sensors. My hope was to get the motor working in Open Loop and then implement Hall Sensor feedback after that. I'm able to power the controller and connect it to the Roborun PC utility, but moving the slide bar for motor control won't turn the motor, and after moving the slide bar 100 units in either direction results in a Stall error.

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5 years 5 months ago #29534485 by Gabriel_Isko
Replied by Gabriel_Isko on topic SBL2360 won't turn motor in open loop
You are going to have to connect the hall sensors, even to run in open loop. The motor controller needs the hall sensor feedback to perform motor commutation in a brush less motor. You can try running the motors in sensorless commutation mode, however I would recommend immediately connecting the hall sensors to run the motors right away.

You will also have to make sure that the hall sensors are wired in the correct order. If the motor doesn't spin, try another hall sensor map. There are 6 total (0-5).

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5 years 5 months ago #29534510 by tgw
Connecting the Hall Sensors worked perfectly. Thanks.

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3 years 2 months ago #29535424 by anuroop.dasari
Hi, I am using SBLM2360T, I have tried to run the BLDC motor in open loop mode with Sin/Cos encoder connected to channel 2.

Before that with the help of FAE - Tim, we were able to setup Motor and Sensor, and the motor characterization was not done. The Motor and Sensor setup was done without any errors because the motor has rotated in CW and CCW, but I don’t know whether it is done correctly or not.

I tried to run the motor in open loop  using run tab/diagnostics tab in Roborun+ utility but motor does not rotate.

We don’t have the exact electrical data sheet for the motor so Rs, Lq, Ld, and Vk are not known. I tried get the Rs, Lq, and Ld performing Motor characterization with 5Hz BW used for loop gain calculation. But Vk is still 0.0. 

Now, I tried enter the Rs, Lq, and Ld values with Vk = 0.0 and run the motor in open loop mode through run tab / diagnostics tab, motor does not rotate and some times the motor jerks and make sound.

I tried to probe the U, V, and W windings, the PWM at 0 are with same duty and waveforms are similar on each winding.  Now I tried to increase the speed slowly to +230 the PWM duty change, but it is not constant (jittery duty),  the motor shaft shakes - not rotate. Some times the PWM on windings have different duty without jitter the motor still does not rotate. In both the cases the drive draws current which I can see through the power supply meter. 

When the motor shakes with jitter duty it suddenly comes to stall - Fault in run tab if I still increase the speed.

All the above experiment is done in open loop mode.

Do we need to provide the voltage constant Vk value to the Roborun+ utility app., if so what is the formula to calculate and how can I rotate the motor in open loop mode?

The loop gain values are not important right because all I am trying to do is run the motor in open loop mode.

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3 years 1 month ago #29535429 by anuroop.dasari

I have figured out that the problem was with the no. of Sin/Cos pole pairs.

Thanks for the forum.

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