SBL2360 Crash during usage

5 years 2 months ago #29534639 by Mak601
Faced with really strange issue.
Was successfully using SBL2360. Two BLDC Motors with Halls+Encoders in Closed loop Speed mode.
After some time controller begin to reboot himself (crash). First it was very rare (Robot suddenly stops).
Then freq. of this cases increased. We are not able to find any reason of that behavior.
Then controller just stopped to boot normally. After 5 crashesh it goes to DFU.
So I removed controller from robot and connected only to power (No other connections). Still carsh after start.
Then I connected only 2 wires GND and pwr_cntrl. Its booting fine. Moment I connect motor power -> crash.
Then I reset controller to defaults. No crash. Also no crash with motor power.
Then I found crash conditions: If both motor control type is selected to "sinusoidal", controller crash if motor pwr is conneted.
Example: I connect GND, PWR_CTRL and Motor power. Controller is in deafult settings. Its booting fine. Then in Motor Run+ I am changin first motor control type to sinusoidal -> save to controller. All fine. Then I change second motor to sinusoidal -> save to controller. Crash. Crash loop.
Also if I select only one (any 1 or 2) motor to sinusoidal mode controller is working fine with one motor. It can be first or second channel.
But if I select both in sinusoidal -> crash. Crash loop.
Any advice?

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