HDC2460 with external contactor

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Admittedly I have searched the forum, but still don’t quite understand. This question is regarding the HDC2460 motor controller and integrating a suitable contactor for safety.

In Figure 2-6 of the datasheet they reference an optional RC receiver, which uses a separate channel as a remote switch tied to a contactor to kill power:

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In my application, at least while debugging, I’d like to have a manual kill switch, which I can press to immediately cut power. To complicate things more, I would also like to hook into the “No MOSFET Failure” signal coming out of the HDC2460, and the RC receiver channel for a remote switch. I made a quick diagram to layout how I *think the wiring would look. Basically, I want to hook into all 3 options i.e emergency kill switch, RC receiver hooked up to the contactor, and “No MOSFET Failure” hooked up to the contactor.

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In that diagram, the contactor can be triggered from the RC receiver, or the “No MOSFET signal”, and it also has a manual kill switch. My questions are:

A.) Does this look correct, or am I off in the weeds.
B.) In terms of the contactor amperage, if the HDC2460 allows for up to 150A per channel, does that mean the contactor should be able to withstand a peak amperage of 300A?
C.) Again, with the contactor, most 12V contactors that I see require a control voltage of at least 12V(to trigger). Seeing that an RC receiver probably only supplies 5v, would I have to find a way to step the voltage up to 12v, or is there a simpler solution.

Example of contactor I was thinking of using:

Thanks in advance!

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