4x SDC2130 Slaved Together Not Responding To ROS Kinetic

4 years 7 months ago #29534871 by JTSE
I have an eight wheeled drone with four SDC2130 motor controllers slaved together that receive run time commands from ROS using roboteq_diff_driver. I am sending "@00G! X XXX" or "@00S! X XXX" commands to the controller, and am able to control the wheels connected to the master controller, but the slaved controllers are not responding.

I have confirmed that the controllers are slaved together properly by sending the same run time commands through Roborun+.

The code I am using was able to command all the wheels to move in ROS Indigo, but will only control the wheels controlled by the master controller in ROS Kinetic.

Have there been any changes between the two systems, and would anyone be able to offer advice?


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