Closed loop position tracking ( motor shut-off)

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I have been using the closed loop position tracking functionality for years on many projects and it has worked great with linear actuators. Now I am using a gear motor but the amps do not go to 0 at rest with a load when the movement position is met. Is there a good electrical way based on the feedback position sensor in a closed loop position tracking setup to actually cut the current completely after the desired position is met and only move back if the input signal falls below the current stopped position?

set as follows:
Motor command
Min 1000
Mid 2500
Max 4000

Feedback motor 1
Min 1000
Mid 2500
Max 4000

The resting position of the input sensor is basically at max or 4000. At this point the motor stops fine but there is still a load and amps on the motor.

I would like to stop the motor at sometime like 3900 and kill any motor power until the input signal drops back below the 3900 setting and then start reverse movement as normal closed loop position tracking does.

I have tested different PID setting and stop settings but they don’t do what I want. I am looking for an electronic limit switch that kills the motor power without signaling the controller as a fault.

Thanks for your help,

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