HBL-1660 bogging down in closed loop speed control

4 years 3 weeks ago #29534919 by lancaster-lanterns
I've got an HBL-1660 driving a constant speed application with varying load. The motor is a 3-phase, Y-connected Permanent Magnet Synchronous 5000RPM Motor with a continuous current rating of 100A and peak of 220A driven by a 48V lithium battery bank, with hall effect signalling in the motor.

Everything seems to be working nicely, except I've got two problems I'm still trying to solve

First, in speed mode the motor bogs down under load. It never pulls more than 50 battery amps, even though the control's Amp Limit is set at 150A. It seems to be hitting another limit somewhere but I can't find out where.

Second, I can't get the max RPM out of the motor. Even under no load I can barely get 4000RPM out, and that's in torque mode. In speed mode it will go up to around 3700 RPM, if I try for more than that it abruptly stops. In torque mode it keeps on going but barely hits 4000 RPM.

Does anyone have any input or see what I'm doing wrong?

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