Limiting Analog Input for Joystick in Software

3 years 1 month ago - 3 years 1 month ago #29534935 by jstrombeck
I am currently upgrading our fleet of 14 Manually Guided Vehicles (MGV) from the RoboteQ AX2550 brushed motor controller to the HBL2360A brushless motor controller. We are currently using the Megatron (part # TRY103514111) analog joystick which produces a 0 - 5V DC control voltage out on two channels, the HBL2360A is configured for open loop and Mixed mode 1 control . one channel is for forward/reverse and the other left/right. Our MGVs are approximately 1800 lbs and we regulate the speed using a voltage divider network potentiometers one for each channel. We would like to remove the potentiometers and move the speed limiting adjustment into the software of the controller. I have written a basic script using the RoboteQ samples as a starting point in attempt to build this control, however, I do not believe that it is possible for my implementation.

Is it possible to regulate analog inputs in software to adjust for the desired maximum speed.

Attached is the Micro Basic that I am using along with some test data from a working system using the voltage divider network speed limiting.


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