SBL2360 Red LED Flashing & Temperature Rising Up to 40V without any motor driven

3 years 3 months ago #29534941 by namlee2

Two of our motor drivers recently ran into problems.
We found out just recently that the power supply going into the motor was 24V, and we've been running our motor at this voltage for a long time. After finding out about this, we switched it back to the supposed 50V power supply to run this motor again. However, after we supplied the original power supply, the temperature of the motor starts rising drastically. Using Roborun+, both channels on the motor driver reported a temperature of 65V and 74V. So we took it out to diagnose further abnormalities. We used 13V to power up the motor driver, and Roborun+ reported that one channel's temperature is rising up to 40V without any motor driven by it. Measuring the voltage across the, U,V and W, there's about 8-9V coming out from these three without any motor driven by it. Is this motor driver considered faulty?

Another motor driver, when supplied with 13V, had its red LED flashing non-stop. I can't even access Roborun with this motor driver anymore. Is this motor driver damaged as well?

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