Issue with BMS1060 with GBL2660TE motor driver

3 years 8 months ago - 3 years 8 months ago #29535189 by asuru
When I try to drive a 48V motor with GBL2660TE motor driver and 50V battery pack with BMS1060. The motor driver randomly disconnect when I am try to drive motor in sinusoidal mode. Motor driver led indication turning red and turns off which is short-circuit error. But in trepezoidal mode this error does not occurs. Even I changed motor driver with another GBL2660 motor driver, the error still exist. The sinusoidal parameters are valid because when I try that motor with another motor driver with same sinusoidal parameters there is no error. This error exist when BMS1060 used with GBL2660TE motor driver. what can be the reason for this error? Can anyone please help me? Thanks

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