Battery Charger RPB-1600 and battery pack 60AH compatibilty

2 years 5 months ago #29535218 by fabio.junior
I see in the Roboteq manual the recommend charge for battery the RPB-1600 (item 01) and i choosed the battery pack (item 02). In battery charger manual his say in page 02 "Output/Recommended battery capacity (amp hours) - 90 ~ 270 Ah", and in battery (item 02) datasheet the recommended current charging is 18A. 

Can you help with itens below
The choosed battery pack is out of the range for RPB-1600?
The battery charger current is 27,5A / 48V, so can i be set the charger current to 18A comply with the charging current of the battery pack ?
Obs.: The battery pack is to work with the BMS1060A.

1. Battery Charger RPB-1600
Page 02 - Output/Recommended battery capacity (amp hours) - 90 ~ 270 Ah
Page 03 - Current charge 27,5A / 48V

2. Battery 60AH (15 cells serie / 48V)
Recommended charging - 18A

Thanks for you attention.

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