Firmware Update Problem - SBL1360A

2 years 11 months ago #29535226 by bjarkdans
I have an SBL1360A controller which I have just updated using the .dfu file in the archive found on this link:
The update was done through USB.

I cannot find the controller through Roborun+ after the update which really concerns me. The controller shows a solid green with a red flashing through with only 1/2 a sec not flashing red.
Looking in the manual, it seems like it has gone into 'Power Stage Off'.
Is there any way for me to get in contact with it again or roll back the firmware to the previous version that seemed to work?

I hope it is just me that is overlooking something, and hope someone can help me relatively quick as I am really fighting a losing battle with time in my project :) Hehe

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