Unable to control/stop the motor (FBL2360T)

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I am using FBL2360T controller to control the Chinese brand motor which has Hall sensor, Encoder in it. The
specification of the motor given below,
1) Encoder - 1024 PPR
2) Rated Speed - 180 RPM
3) Rated Voltage - 36V
4) Rated Current - 12A
5) Rated Power  - 0.35 KW
6) Rated Frequency - 50 Hz
7) Rated Steering - CW
The above said wheel is connected with FBL2360T and 24V battery.
I would like to use "Closed Loop Speed Position Control" for both the motors.
In Roborun+, console tab "!G 1 X_!G 2 X" (or) "!S 1 X_!S 2 X" is triggered. Where X = -1000 to 1000. But motor speed and direction
does not change. It is always same and stop is possible only through
Emergency stop (or) "EX" command
Most of the times, one motor started spinning and the other getting struck.
Please find the attached configuration file and the important configurations given below,
Mixing mode : Separate
USB / RS232 Watchdog : 1000ms
Encoder PPR : 1024
Encoder Min : -200000
Encoder Min : 200000
Encoder1: Feedback to Motor1
Encoder2: Feedback to Motor2
Position mode velocity : 180RPM
P : 0.0
I : 1.0
D : 0.0
Please note the Roborun+ "Run" tab, ruler option also tried and no luck.
Additional Information about the controler.
1) FW : Rev 2.1 9/24/20
2) Controller Model : v2.0:FBL2360T
Configuration file attached. Kindly help me to sort out this issue.

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