Encoder values getting lost while communicating to the SBL2360T motor controller

3 years 6 months ago #29535280 by janis.bremanis
We have been equipping some machines with the SBL2360T controllers and CUI AMT102-V incramental encoders via the ABI interface. We are using TTL serial from Raspberry PI 3B+ to send commands and receive encoder and voltage information. For the first two controllers which we bought everything works fine, however the 3 newer controllers seem to occasionally not receive the command for encoder information CR? . We are sending these commands every 0.05 seconds (20 times per second), with the BAUD rate for communication set to 11520 (RSBR set to 5), so the controller should be able to receive these commands in time to send a reply. I have attached the config file of our controllers below. Could this be just a configuration problem, or have there been any changes that could cause this? 

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