KBL1660 Brushless Controller, Motor not working in PWM Mode

5 months 5 days ago #29535285 by ggodbold3348
Hello, I have recently gotten a KBL1660 Brushless DC Motor Controller. I am using it to power a Tarot 6s 380kv 4108 on a bench for testing purposes before transitioning to a 48v motor. On Windows 10, Roborun 2.1. I have tested both sinusoidal and trapezoidal modes for the motor. In Trapezoidal, I am getting no ouput whatsoever to the motor on an oscilloscope. I have ran motor setup and the motor turns about half a revolution each way, then i get an error "Hall trapezoidal mapping detection failed. Please try again with higher refrence seek power". I have adjusted the refrence seek power multiple times. When I run the motor in sinusoidal mode for motor setup, I get a PWM value on oscilloscope that makes the motor turn correctly. Once this motor setup is done and i try to control the motor with a PWM in signal from flight controller, It just twitches a couple times then pulls about 20 amps then overheats. On the scope, I am getting a signal similar to the signal used to make it turn in motor setup but the PWM duty cycle is not changing, thus causing the motor to not turn. If any admins or anyone else has had a similar issue. Help would be greatly appreciated. I will attach my Roborun config file for reference.

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