Can't get closed loop position mode to work at all

2 years 11 months ago #29535385 by ErikK
GBL2660T, brushless motor with Hall sensors.  After some work, motor spins very nicely in open loop mode, with Roborun or with an an analog signal as the speed command.
But I can't get any of the closed loop modes to do anything.  I must be missing something simple...  In a few experiments I get a hard "clunk" on startup and an error, but most experiments just sit there and do nothing.

More details:
What I really want is position count mode using the Hall sensors in the motor.  I want to send a position command with an analog voltage and have the system go there.  Yes I know I'll need to do a "home" routine to start since the Hall sensors are incremental.  I thought I'd skip that at first and just get some relative moves going for a bench test....  but when I configure the closed loop mode, go to the run tab, and move the slider, nothing hapens.

I experimented with the MicroBasic script for finding home, it runs the motor and then when it trips the home switch it stops so hard that it trips an error or loses connection with the PC. (there is no physical stop in my bench test, it's not hitting anything, just tripping the swtich). 

What files do I need to send so you can check my setup?  What should I check?
Yes I updated the controller from beta to 2.1.


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2 years 11 months ago #29535390 by ErikK
CPR file is attached.  Help please, what am I missing?
The intent is to use the motor hall sensors for feedback.

I did notice that if I turn the motor manually when in closed loop, I expected it to resist.  I have the current limits set to the minuimum. But instead it goes into a violent oscillation of a fraction of a turn, and then the fuse pops.  So it is doing *somethi* about position....  

It runs fine in open loop.  And if slow down or stop the motor mechanically in open loop mode, current goes up and then it detects a stall or overcurrent and shuts down as it should.

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