Safety Stop not Triggered when Amp Trigger Reached

2 years 4 months ago - 2 years 4 months ago #29535432 by jessicah7654

I'm using a MDC2460 in closed loop speed position control. I set an amp trigger at 5 amps (slow moving agv) to safety stop.

On the roborun platform Run tab, I can see that the amp trigger is tripped, but the wheels keep on spinning and the safestop lights on the Run tab are always grey.

I've set the amp trigger via the Configuration tab and Microscript code that's running: 

setconfig(_ATRIG, 1, 50)
setconfig(_ATRIG, 2, 50)
setconfig(_ATGD, 1, 10)
setconfig(_ATGD, 2, 10)
setconfig(_ATGA, 1, 1)
setconfig(_ATGA, 2, 1)

Is there anything I'm doing wrong? Suggested steps to troubleshoot?

In a maybe related thread:

 have my loop error detection set to the most sensitive setting (250ms @ 10% error) and given my testing conditions I think this should also be triggered, but is not.

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