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roboteq GIM2660THow to read the battery after ModBus ?How the read variable should look like ?

How should the value that we ask for RS 485 ModBus look like.?

I am sending the drawing in the attachment.We cannot read any value from Roboteq GIMT using RS485 ModBusAs if we were asking for a bad valuee.g There is an entry in the documentation
BSC - Read the BMS state of charge as a percentage
Hexadecimal code: 50
so we tried to read the value 50, but not a plot.   In the documentation of ModBus ManulaBSC is savedModbus identifier (hexadecimal) 0x2740Modbus ID (December)
10048There is also information about adding 1 bit
Modbus identifier (hexadecimal) 0x2741but it doesn't work, you have already read all the documentation from and we can't solve the problem despite many hours of operation and testing RS485 and RS232   The question is how to communicate via modbus and read Roboteqq parameters

I am also sending files from the Roboteq + program

RS485 connection is ok

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