Not enough current coming out of BMS1040ABT digital output

3 weeks 10 hours ago #29535472 by jinbae9875
When I connect a buzzer between the open drain output Dout1 and Vcc, I only get around 3 mA of current through the buzzer. However, according to the documentation:
"changed Vcc input of user connector to 5V out, with 15mA current limitation in order to drive directly the wakeup through an external mechanical switch."
the limit should be around 15mA. Is 3 mA normal for my use case? I'm getting around 30 mA when I connect the buzzer to four AA batteries and the battery connected to the BMS is a 6 cell 16mAh battery. Is there a way to bring that current up so that I can actually hear the buzzer?


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