Sin/Cos encoder configuration on a KBL1660

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Hey all,

I could use some help. I'm working on an electric outboard project with a 4 kw Montenergy ME 1716 brushless DC motor. Unfortunately, not all of the information I need to know about the motor is easy to discover, so it has been a bit of a challenge. 

Anyway, I have gone through the configuration steps in the manual to configure the motor controller to drive the motor. It's a 10 pole motor with an analog sin/cos encoder. 

The motor spins, but as I increase the speed, it eventually stalls, draws a big current and trips out my power supply. The power supply is 230V ac and outputs 48VDC. It's capable of 20 amps. The motor should be capable of 5000RPM, but even unloaded it seems to no be spinning fast enough.

I think I could have the phase angle shift wrong, or possible another parameter set wrong.


The encoder seems really noisy. The wiring coming out of the ME1716 is shielded, but the KBLX1 cable it is connected to is not shielded, so the shield wire is not connected to anything at the moment. Would it be a good idea to connect the shield to the outboard frame somewhere? 


I did the motor sensor setup several times, the motor spins both directions, but seems to "step" as it's turning rather that turning smoothly. Is that normal?

Here is a photo of the lineality correction that has me thinking the encoder is too noisy.


After applying that correction, the motor sensor setup graph looks much more like the diagram in the manual, but still not so great. 


Some help here would be great. I noticed in the manual it says to add a small capacitor to help reduce noise, but in my application I'm not sure how to do this while keeping the unit relatively waterproof. 

Any help or guidance here would be great,


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I think I may have resolved the issue.

After digging online to find more information on the motor, I realized the motor torque constant is .0955nm/A, not the default 1. When I made that change, the motor sensor setup looked much better and the linearity did not oscillate very far from 0. 

If anyone recognizes any other setting that may be incorrect, feel free to let me know. The motor is spinning much more smoothly now and the rpm seems correct. 


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