BMS1060A Issue

1 year 8 months ago #29535501 by bbas
BMS1060A Issue was created by bbas
Were having a problem with your BMS1060A that I was testing. I have attached two pictures showing our setup and the battery cell voltage issue. Cells 5 and 6 are having voltage reading issues and we have confirmed voltage from all the cells are reaching the BMS and jumpers in the connector are configured correctly. The BMS was working and just stop working using a switch to turn the load on and off.  During my testing we haven’t even put much load on it, < 2A but this configuration was working great up till now. We have order another 6 of these BMS but I’m having concerns now about the robustness of the BMS. The construction looks sound and assume it is very robust.

For some reason when I try to go through support I keep getting a capcha error even though everything is done correctly. is there a way to get direct support on our BMS issue?

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