choosing the right configuration for HBL2360A and SR100V5

2 years 3 days ago #29535513 by hafedhata

We are currently using two HBL2360A to drive four 1100W motors in an outdoor mobile robot. while our last battery had a max voltage of 53V, our new battery can go up to 57V while charging and floats back to 54V when fully charged and the cells are balanced. add to that the normal operation of the robot with multiple accelerations/ decelerations that cause a lot of regeneration that triggers overvoltage protection of the controllers. this issue already damaged multiple controllers.
Looking at your site for a solution, we found out that you developed a shunt regulator module for dissipating the generated voltage. We want to set the overvoltage protection as close as possible to the max voltage as per recommendation from your blog post  . If possible, we want to set it to 57 or 58 Volts. 
In the datasheet of the SR100V5 module, the rotary switch module can be set either to 40V or 60V . choosing the AUTO mode is also not possible since the voltage of the battery varies from 48V to 54V depending on its state of charge. 
can you help me set the correct parameters for the controller and the shunt module ?


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