SBL2360TS sometimes in short circuit protection

1 year 11 months ago - 1 year 11 months ago #29535518 by MiguelPinto
Dear Sir

In 4 autonomous vehicles I am using the SBL2360TS.  The controller controls a BLDC motor.
In sporadic situations, the controller appear with the error of short circuit protection. The event is rare but enough to cause some problems to our client. 

Everytime that the problem appears, the motor is starting the movement, but the movement never happens.After that our vehicle enters in error and the command that our PLC sends to the controller is IDLE, which puts again the controller operational. After a reset the vehicle ( and of course the motor) works as is supposed.

Why is that happening? That error short circuit protection?  there are any way to avoid this error (short circuit protection), any parameter that can be increased to decrease the occurence of the error?

Attached I send you the configuration file.
Many thanks in advanceMiguel Pinto


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