CANOPEN TPDO's are not set for the '"Read BL Motor Speed in RPM" entry name

2 years 4 months ago #29535531 by aravindSolteq
         I use a SBL1360A motor controller
Firmware: v2.1 Date:11/20/2020
Motor feedback: hallsensors connected to 5 Pin in datasheet

I'm trying to configure the TPDO's of the motor controller(device side). I'm following the procedure that is mentioned in CiA 301 application layer TPDO remapping procedure section of the user manual

I'm using socket can connection and I send the values in these order to get the speed value set in the TPDO register. But unfortunately only the speed value is not setting in the TPDO register. I can read the SDO command to query the Speed, but I cannot set the same in TPDO. if i do a query with (0x210A-01) I get the proper value, but the same I cannot set it in TPDO's 

Here is the set of commands I send for the remapping procedure

  cansend can0 601#23001801810100C0
  cansend can0 601#2F001A0000000000
  cansend can0 601#23001A0110010021
  cansend can0 601#23001A0210010A21
  cansend can0 601#23001A0310020D21
  cansend can0 601#23001A0408010F21
  cansend can0 601#2F001A0004000000
  cansend can0 601#2300180181010040

Can someone help with this?

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