Interfacing a custom encoder to a MDC2460

4 months 3 weeks ago #29535623 by gavriil

I'm working on adding a custom encoder to a brushed motor which doesn't have that function yet.
So far I decided on 2 hall sensors, so a quadrature configuration because, as I understood, the firmware requires these 2 signals.

I made some calculations for the encoder precision that I require and the result was that I would need at least 12 pulses per revolution for my particular application.

My idea is to mount neodymium magnets on a custom 3d printed part and the question is the following: do I actually need 12 or 24 magnets?

I assume I need 24 magnets, with alternating poles N-S-N-S-... and so on, because a single pulse is considered to be on the rising edge of the signal. Is my understanding correct? Or are both rising and falling edges considered, case in which I would only need 12 magnets?

Thank you :)

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1 month 3 weeks ago #29535795 by fidelis
Were you able to find a solution to this? I am trying to accomplish a similar task.

How did you mount the hall sensors around the shaft? 180 degrees apart, or something different?

Why did you calculate 12 pulses per rev? Is that based on a speed you're trying to maintain?

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