Intel promises to ship more than 4 million discrete GPUs in 2022

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Intel is hosting an investor meeting later today and CEO Pat vowed to convey some news for gamers at the event. Well, in front of that, Intel has released information on its Arc lineup of discrete illustrations cards: they're coming to desktop in Q2, workstations in Q3, and Intel plans to ship 4,000,000 of them before the year's over.

It's the Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group (AXG) that's liable for the discrete GPUs we're holding out for, and apparently AXG is on track to ship its GPUs this year.

"AXG expects to ship more than 4 million discrete GPUs in 2022," Intel says in its investor materials. "OEMs are introducing notebooks with Intel Arc illustrations, code-named Alchemist, available to be purchased in the first quarter of 2022. Intel will ship include cards for desktops in the subsequent quarter and workstations by the third quarter."

4,000,000 is a significant amount of GPUs, and we truly need them. We were hoping for a decent lot of GPUs out of Intel this year following comments from Intel's central architect Raja Koduri and CEO Pat Gelsinger in light of our open letter asking for assist with the GPU shortage. It's looking like Intel's at least aiming to follow through on their words, and it would be a major push for Intel's lady discrete GPU push.

As for timing, we had now expected for the first chips to turn out in Q1, though we were mindful earlier that might only be the mobile discrete GPUs first.

It's Q2, then, for our discrete GPUs on desktop, and afterward followed up by third-quarter workstation cards.

"We've had an exceptionally enthusiastic reaction from partners," Koduri says in an investor day meeting.

Koduri additionally notes that there are over 50+ plans across multiple OEMs and AICs, and tons of partners on software for Alchemist. That includes organizations using its Deep Link CPU-GPU acceleration and working on Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) support.

There's additionally mention of Project Endgame in Intel's investor materials. Not much is known about this other that it will be an Arc GPU-powered assistance for consistently available, low-latency computing in the cloud.

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