Dead Island 2 might actually be out by early 2023

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Remember Dead Island 2? Announced in 2014, the undead action game was later delayed, switched developers (two times), and then tumbled off the map in an extremely literal sense. For some time, it was an annual tradition for publisher Deep Silver to insist that the game is still being developed; in 2021 it came to light that Dead Island 2, assuming it at any point actually happens, will be an Epic Games Store exclusive.

Despite the silence on Dead Island 2 lately, it's possible that it could actually turn up in the relatively near future. During a Q&A session following its Q3 FY2021/22 report, CEO Lars Wingefors appeared to indirectly hint that it's relied upon to be out sometime in the company's 2023 fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2023.

"Individuals have sort of discounted [Dead Island 2], not knowing whether it's still alive. In any case, it clearly is," the Q&A host, Carnegie value research analyst Oscar Erixon, said. "I, at least, expect the release this financial year-sorry, next financial year, I should say. Is that reasonable? What can we anticipate from the title? It's been being developed for probably a decade or somewhere in the vicinity."

Wingefors refused to take the bait straightforwardly, yet addressed the inquiry in what appeared to be a plainly wink-and-gesture fashion. "I can't talk about Dead Island 2 because it's not announced, as such, from the publisher, yet we have just talked about-we have one unannounced triple-A title that you think is Dead Island 2," he said, looking meaningfully at the host. "It's hard for me to remark further on that. Yet, I'm amped up for unannounced titles."

And then everyone had a knowing laugh, and the conversation continued on.

Dead Island 2 is definitely still a thing, at least in the sense that it hasn't been formally cancelled by Embracer or Deep Silver: It appears in Embracer's Q3 report as an "announced release," and also appears on the Koch Media section of Embracer's financial presentation, alongside the Saints Row reboot, Payday 3, Shadow Warrior 3, and Crossfire Legion.

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