Lost Ark's new servers are now online

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For European players, this year's exciting new MMO experience Lost Ark has largely been an exciting new queue simulator. While Amazon Games accurately anticipated the number of players who'd be logging onto North American servers, which have been essentially without queue since launch, the publisher does seem to have underestimated the European popularity of PC gaming in general, and games with profound mathematics and beautiful ladies in particular.

Today, eight servers in a new region called Europe West went live. "We anticipate that opening a new region should diminish, not eliminate, queue times for Europe Central", Amazon says in an announcement. "Nonetheless, players choosing the new Europe West region are substantially less prone to encounter long queues. Please note, assuming that you move to the new region you will continue to be able to use your Royal Crystals and Crystalline Aura however no recovered, claimed, or acquired items move with you."

Since Lost Ark doesn't allow server transfers, the temptation of moving to a new region where you'll see a reduction or absence of queue times has to rival the loss of any progress you've made on the existing servers. Lost Ark may become increasingly brimming with wild nonsense and even get down to jokester as it goes on, yet the early game is a piece dull and get questy. It's hard to imagine many players wanting to go through all of that again.







To sweeten the deal, players who truly do start over on the Europe West servers will get the last 10 days of daily login rewards as well as "special daily attendance rewards for the first 10 days of the Europe West server launch". What's more, players who purchased an author's pack and have already recovered the exclusive items it contained will get a bonus set of those exclusives, as well as some a greater amount of Lost Ark's royal crystals cash. The latter bonus is available to everyone, not just European players, and is claimable on any server. Presumably the expectation is to further encourage migration from busy servers to calmer ones. Assuming you purchased an originator's pack before February 14, you'll get the bonuses on February 19.

The eight new servers are called Rethramis, Tortoyk, Moonkeep, Stonehearth, Shadespire, Tragon, Petrania, and Punika. In the event that they're not showing up for you, rebooting the client should fix it.

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