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I'm sure everyone's been watching from Mut 22 coins the edge of their seats since the announcement of a future College Football video game is being developed. Even though we haven't received an announcement date for that video game yet, Madden 22 has added an exciting, yet familiar game mode that gives those who love sports a hint of what is coming in the near future. Campus Legends is being added into Madden 22 for the third time, and the reason why I say familiar is because it's the third time that the Campus Legends event has made its way into Madden 22.

The two previous times the event was in the tournament, it was played by NCAAF players Clemson, LSU, Texas, Miami, Michigan State, Nebraska, Oregon, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas and USC. The difference this year in that Ohio State and Alabama are currently two additional teams that you can join in Campus Legends with for a total of 13 teams.

Campus Legends isn't a game mode where you can play the current football team of your college, a roster that is made up of NFL players who were on their respective college team at one time.

For instance, with inclusion of  madden 22 mut coins Ohio State into the video game, we'll probably expect to get Justin Fields, Ezekiel Elliott, and Chase Young on the team since each of them have played at the school before. Additionally, all three players are featured on the Campus Legends announcement graphics that the official Madden 22 twitter page shared. In terms of Alabama is concerned, you can probably expect to see Najee Harris, Julio Jones, Amari Cooper, and Mark Ingram since they are all Alabama alumni currently playing for the NFL.

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