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Essay writing is an art that is not mastered by everyone. Students come across several assignments in which they have to write various essays. Urbanization is a hot topic because almost all the developing and developed countries are facing the problem. Whenever you are writing an essay, it is essential to develop an outline. An essay writer can help you in developing an outline for free. This will also help you in maintaining the focus on the topic and keeping the thoughts connected together.


Urbanization is a process in which the population moves from the rural to urban areas allowing the cities to grow. It can also be defined as a continuous increase in the number of people living in the towns and cities. People coming to the cities believe that there are better economic, social, and political opportunities in the cities as compared to the rural areas. The process is very common in both developing and developed countries as more and more people tend to move closer to towns and cities. These people seek better economic status in the cities as compared to the villages.


Industrialization is the major cause of urbanization because people from the villages seek to find better employment in the cities. As the industrial revolution progressed, more people were attracted away from agricultural activities. In addition to the industrial sector, these people also get a chance to work in other modern sectors of the economy. Most of the cities are well-connected with the various forms of transport which make it easier for the industrialists to transport raw materials and finished goods. There is also a better system of electricity and water in the cities which facilitates industrialization.


Different perspectives of urbanization can be discussed in essays. The following lines include an essay on globalization and its various effects. However, if this essay is not sufficient, you can hire an essay writing service to get the assignment done. This option will be appropriate if there is very little time left to submit the assignment. Additionally, a student may hire such a service when the topic of an assignment is not comprehensible.


Commerce and trade are also related to industrialization because the goods manufactured in the industry will be traded in the market. Distribution of goods is also important in the modern era because there are modern institutions in the cities. Different exchange methods have also helped in the growth of cities and towns. Both trade and commercialization develop and perception that cities have better commercial and trading opportunities as compared to the rural areas. With the increase in the urban population, there will be a higher demand for these goods in the cities which suits all the stakeholders. There are several social benefits associated with living in cities and towns. Some examples may include better educational and entertainment facilities. More and more families are attracted towards cities and towns to avail these facilities. Some of these families are forced to urbanize themselves for different reasons.


The major drawback of urbanization is that the administration cannot provide ample facilities to the increased number of people. This is especially true for basic facilities like housing, water, and sanitation. Increasing the number of incumbents will also result in an increase in various forms of pollution. This is the most important drawback of globalization because it hurts the whole society one way or the other. There is many essay writer are available on the internet.


Overcrowding is another negative impact of globalization because more people come to the cities than anticipated earlier by the administrators. This puts extra pressure on the services like transport, health, and entertainment. This will mean that many individuals living in the city cannot attain these services. This will also give rise to various forms of discrimination among these individuals. People with higher income can get better services whereas people with lower social status will not. The basic facilities like education and health will suffer the most because there will not be enough infrastructural facilities to provide these services.


With a higher number of incumbents, there will be more people applying for any job that is available in the cities or towns. This will result in a higher level of unemployment in these vicinities. This could be compensated if there are ample opportunities for individuals to run their own businesses. However, in third-world or developing countries, this may result in an increase in illegal activities. In most cases, merit will not be followed by the employers.


As with most of the concepts, urbanization has its positive and negative implications. If you are still wondering how to write a good essay, many platforms will help you to write my essay at a reasonable price. These platforms can be used when there is not enough time left in the submission of an assignment. The selection of such a platform is a long process that requires many different considerations.


The above content can be used as a guide to writing a detailed essay about globalization and its effects on the country. However, the content is not inclusive and should be used only as a guideline. In order to improve the readability, a student can put headings on the different paragraphs. However, putting such headings will force the writer to remain focused on a single point in one paragraph. 


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