What skills do Java Full Stack Developers need?

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Java Full Stack developers have extensive knowledge and expertise in Java full-stack development. This includes Core Java, servlets, and APIs, as well as web architecture, database, and web architecture. Full Stack Java developers can create Java apps that include front-end and back-end.What does a full-stack Java developer do? Full-stack Java developers  lead web development teams that create and update websites. Web-based developers can create and maintain apps for businesses, or consult with them. Full-stack Java developers are often web-development leaders. They create new websites or update existing ones. They are also available to assist businesses with their web-based programming skills.What is a Software Stack and how do I define it? What is a Software Stack? Which Software Stack should you learn?A software stack refers to a group of programs that together produce a particular result. It also includes the application and the operating system. A smartphone software stack includes an OS, web browsers, and default apps.Read more: a  full-stack developer

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