Surface moutn fuse F1 in AX2500

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Surface moutn fuse F1 in AX2500 was created by Explorer3
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<FONT face=Arial> Hello!</FONT>
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<FONT face=Arial> I bought a Roboteq AX2500 from e-Bay. In the PDF of the AX2500 from the CD received with the AX2500, it was not written in it that using a power supply instead of a rechargeable battery could break the controller. So after sending a command to stop the motor while it was around 40%, the controller quit working.</FONT>
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<FONT face=Arial> After searching a little bit in the circuit, I realized that a surface mount fuse F1 was blown. I temporary replaced it with a 5A and now it works fine! Finally!</FONT>
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<FONT face=Arial> But my question is: WHICH FUSE SHOULD I USE? The 5A is correct for now but I would like to place back there the exact same thing. On the surface mount fuse blow up it was simply written a "B" so what do I do? What are the parameters of the fuse I need to find to solder there?</FONT>
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<FONT face=Arial> Thanks.</FONT>

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18 years 8 months ago #3052275 by cosma
Replied by cosma on topic Re:Surface moutn fuse F1 in AX2500

This fuse was incorporated to protect the controller's logic from current flowing from the Power stage, through the drivers, in case of major failure (shorted MOSFETs).
The fuse was undersized in the early versions of the AX2500 and has been a source of failure from time to time. Typically it would blow during power up as the MOSFET drivers draw a very high current during the power transistion.

It is not clear anymore that the fuse failure is related to a regeneration problem as originally diagnosed. However, the warning about using a power supply vs battery still stands, particularly since the AX2500 does not have overvoltage detection and protection. This protection has been added in the AX2550.

Anyways, it is OK to short this fuse as it provides no real protection in normal conditions.

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