Roboteq/VIA rover

17 years 10 months ago #7110137 by earthshaker
Roboteq/VIA rover was created by earthshaker
I was excited to find the Roboteq.VIA rover project on the Roboteq website, I have been wanting to build a machine like this for nearly 20 years, it does almost everything I need, and the sutff it dosen't do I found an outlet for, so I can make that happen as well. Now then is there anyone here that has built this machine or some variation?
If there are some of you out there maybe we can persuade Cosma to add a builders forum.
When I first found out about Roboteq I was thrilled that someone actually produced the ultimate motor controller. Now that there are several models available, I feel the sky is the limit. Good work Cosma and crew!

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