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Im currently in design stages and have a few questions.
First Im planning to use the AX3500 Dual Channel, Drive train is going to be 2 NPC geared 24Vdc motors. OS of choice is Linux. Also using an ISP type Linux based AP with a second one mounted at @50\' Point-Point for communication. Multiple Cameras

1. Has any one used this controller with Linux? and would they be willing to give me some pointers? Im no programmer I have looked at the linux API but am unable to make sense of most of it. Willing to learn as needed. Trying to stay away from Windows if possible.

2. Are any of the outputs capable of activating Relays On/Off? if not what suggestions would you make? My goal here is robotic arm 2-3 linear actuators 12v @3-10amps under load depends on model.
3. I am also looking for information on gear ratios?

My over all goal is to be able to sit in the comfort of my home office and check fence lines and gates without having to go out every time. No Pics yet.

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