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I am working on building a tactical bot with a an arm attached above it. The bot will have a chain drive system like tanks with a very high torque ability with an arm above it with a 6 dof system. The whole bot is going to be controlled from another laptop through wifi 5ghz. So I was willing to use the ax3500 for the main bot dc motors drive that will drive the bot and the sdc series to take pwm pulses from the ax controller and convert it to the geared / encoded dc motors that will move th arm and it will be 6 of them .

Any recommendations ? Is this right or should I use another controller. Will I be able to control thr arm and the bot through wifi ?

Will the system works as I want or there will b limitations espexially for the arm movements.

I am will to use joysticks from the laptop side to control the bot and arm separately.

Thanks for your help guys.

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