A "bug" in the manual and a question about the manual

11 years 4 days ago #29527415 by LROBBINS

I want to report an error in the manual (v1.2, May 10, 2012) and to ask question about the meaning of another item in the manual.

p. 137 For example, reading the Amps limit configuration for channel 1 is done using getvalue(_ALIM, 1).

Unfortunately, I did exactly this in a script and then spent a couple frustrating days trying to figure out why when my friend in England (I am in Italy) tried to use it the only result was a fatal hang of his HDC2450. _ALIM is in the CONFIGURATION pool and must be accessed with GetConfig NOT GetValue! If getvalue(_ALIM, 1) is used, an attempt is made to find enumeration 42 in the wrong pool, the controller disconnects, reconnects and the software stalls.

It might be helpful to have an introduction in the manual to the different variable pools, which I suppose differ by whether they are in volatile or non-volatile memory, and a concise statement about the separate functions used to access these different pools. You might also consider having a single pair of Get and Set functions that evaluate the enumeration, decide which pool to query and then call the Config, Value (or Command) routines. I think that this would make the field programmer\'s life a bit more secure. I\'d keep the current calls as well, so that existing scripts (or API calls) wouldn\'t need to be re-written.

p. 168 In the Torque mode, the command value is the desired Motor Amps relative to the Amps Limit configuration parameters

What does this mean? Is _A estimated motor current in 10X Amps, or is it scaled to _ALIM so that with _ALIM = 150, _A = 1000 means 150 Amps? Or does this just mean that the increased value sent to _G is limited to _ALIM, or something else entirely?

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