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9 years 7 months ago #29528531 by fnick2812
I seek for some illustrations of using the CANOPEN of Roboteq. CANOpen is new to me and a simple example will help me a lot. I have figured how to make used of rawCAN n miniCAN but my project must require CANopen-compatible.
Currently, I have 2 SDC2610N boards (lets say, board A n B). The setup should be as simple as letting the board A command the B to make the motors which are connected to the B. I plan to write a script to send to the B the object dictionary index 0x2002|01 (set velocity, ch1).
The CANconfiguration for board A is RawCAN, NodeID=1, bitrate=250,hearbeat=0, CANOpen_autostart=disable, MiniCAN_listenNode=2, sendRate =100
The CANconfiguration for board B is OpenCAN, NodeID=2, bitrate=250,hearbeat=0, CANOpen_autostart=enable, MiniCAN_listenNode=1, sendRate =100

Here is my script
setcommand(_CS, 1, 0x602)  ' it is 0x600+2(NodeID)
setcommand(_CS, 3, 0x23)
setcommand(_CS, 4, 0x02)
setcommand(_CS, 5, 0x20)   'index
setcommand(_CS, 6, 0x01)   'sub
setcommand(_CS, 7, 0xff)   'data. lets say velocity = 255
setcommand(_CS, 8, 0)
setcommand(_CS, 9, 0)
setcommand(_CS, 10, 0)
setcommand(_CS, 2, 8)
goto top

And i get a reply from board B which is
CAN=1410:9:96:2:32:1:0:0:0:0 (DECIMAL, RAWOPEN FRAME FORMAT)
It seems that the write process has been initiated but the motor doesnot run at all. What should i do from here?????

p.s: i ve tried some reading commands and they work well. for writing command, it did not work as i thought. i ve asked the technician from Roboteq. He required to have a system for managing CAN network to make things work. Now, i ve Komodo CAN Duo Interface. He also said CANopen is a standard and should find a good tutorial on internet but i havenot found one. If u have, please share the link here. Thanks

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9 years 7 months ago - 9 years 7 months ago #29528549 by fnick2812
Replied by fnick2812 on topic CANOpen object dictionary
I am not so sure what I did wrongly for the set velocity cmd. But I made it run correctly when I used the cmds which relate to the position mode. For example, set encoder counter, set position relative. Just change the configuration to Closed Loop Count Position, and send the frame accordingly.

But there is another problem. It seems that Roboteq can not sync the 2 channels' velocity. My channel 2 always moves at the slower speed compare to the channel 1. Their speeds is significantly different although they can reach the correct position. is there anyone has a similar issue?

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9 years 6 months ago #29528594 by Griffin Baker
Replied by Griffin Baker on topic CANOpen object dictionary
What is the firmware version you are using?

The latest on our website is 101013.

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3 years 10 months ago #29534727 by Sokhib
Replied by Sokhib on topic CANOpen object dictionary
Hi fnick2812!!
My name is Sokhib, I am from Uzbekistan. CAN is new to me. If it possible, can you send me simple example rawCAN or miniCAN.
my mail is : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

with best regards

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