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5 years 10 months ago #29533272 by giantpt
hello community,

I finally got one of my RoboteQ controllers to be commanded by an Arduino using the CanOpen protocol but now I need more.
To my this specific application I have an external encoder connected to the motor controller to read a rope travel in order to avoid rope drift on the pulley.
So, on the arduino side I need to get some controller readings or telemetry data such as the external encoder counts, RPM, Volts, amps, temps and the different flags.
The external encoder readings must be updated as fast as possible because the arduino code needs it to accurately control the motor according to other factors but all the other data can be updated every 500ms.
My question is.. do I have to write query commands on the arduino side of the code or I can program the motor controller to send these values periodically on the MicroBasic editor?
I would prefer to be the controller to send the values by it self rather than being the arduino to ask for them to have less code complexity and the have less communication overflow over the CAN line.

Thanks in advance

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5 years 10 months ago #29533291 by giantpt
Replied by giantpt on topic CanOpen telemetry / Arduino
Well... no one there to help me?
Where is the RoboteQ support team?

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5 years 10 months ago #29533304 by Erik
Replied by Erik on topic CanOpen telemetry / Arduino
I also am interested in your question.

For me i have to choose now to learn Microbasic or go for Arduino C++ language...

If the Roboteqteam is not answering they don't know the answer or can't be bothered to help you with that. But in that case the whole computerpart of the Roboteq's is useless to me and i'll only use it to control the motors by another controller. All other data processing i'll do on my other controller since Arduino and C++ have much more users and they do like to share their knowledge and info.

Also i miss the code examples on this forum, i would think many more users of Roboteq had similar questions as you. And if there are more users here to help others might get interested and also buy a Roboteq for their use.

Yes i can find out anything myself but it costs a lot of time, today i spent 8 hours to get a pwm-fan working on Arduino mega and i got all the help from's just timeconsuming to do it yourself and after that hopefully for others you share that information...

On the Arduinoforum you'll get answer within an hour, i think you better ask there....there are so many experts hanging out on that forum..and i mean real experts....

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5 years 10 months ago #29533323 by niko
Replied by niko on topic CanOpen telemetry / Arduino
Hello Erik,

We cannot reply to you on what is better for you, write a microbasic script or write extrea code in Arduino. This is your job to do. We offer you the tool and the documentation on how to use the tool.
Concerning Scripting advise section 18 of the user manual.
Concerning CANOpen advise section 17 of the user manual.
One example script on how to get a value and put it to VAR (which are used for RPDOs and TPDOs, both MiniCAN and CANOpen) is in chapter MiniCAN Usage Example in page 165.

For any more specific question concerning our products we are at your disposal.

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