Getting Data from RoboCAN Network

3 years 10 months ago #29535108 by coby.johnson
Hello all, I have 2 SBL1360A Brushless and 2 SDC2160 Brushed motor controllers hooked up in a CAN network. I have configured them all to be RoboCAN w/ Bitrate = 125 kbit/s, different Node Ids (1-4), Listen Node Id = 4, and tried Heartbeat = 128 and = 0.

Script from Roboteq site I used:
print("starting script! \r") 'tell user script starting
top: 'should start the script
FetchCANValue(2, _C, 1)
while(IsCANValueReady() = false) 'wait until data is received
end while
Counter = ReadCANValue() 'read value
print (Counter, "\r") 'print value followed by new line
wait(100) 'wait a short time then restart script
goto top

I am getting output of 0 continuously from my laptop plugged into one of the controllers when downloading the script to controller and running. I have double checked the wiring of CAN network (not an expert) and have tried varying both the FetchCanValue id input along with which motor controller I am plugged into. My intuition right now is maybe that something with the Node Ids is wrong? Any suggestions or help here? 

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3 years 4 months ago #29535347 by dacalin
Hello Coby,

Could you solve that? I had the same issue and found that this is because when using print it is send with a bit rate of 9600 instead of the 115200 default bit rate.
Roboteq, can you tell us how to solve it?

9600 is very slow and furthemore It is a problem to read at two diffrent baudrates....

When I send a command, the response is at 115200. If the script send something the bit rate is 9600. 

Any solution?


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