"_SFT is not a valid named constant"

2 years 3 months ago - 2 years 3 months ago #29535388 by Leskedrikk

I am trying to activate the safety stop command in my script, but cannot implement it due to a compiler error message saying "_SFT is not a valied named constant". 

I am using a magnetic end-stop switch, which will trigger if they are getting to close. When they are too close it will trigger Digital input #4 (called stop).

if (stop = 1)


end if

if stop = 0


end if

The motors are controlled by two different potentiometers and I would also like to be able to start the motor again after the safety stop has been triggered by changing the input voltage from the potentiometers. Is there a way to reset the safety stop-function after it's been triggered without powercycling the motor controller?

I am assuming that the _sft-command is invalid and the manual hasn't been updated, but I would love to get a swift reply on this issue as it should be straight-forward.

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