A way to send realtime update values from Arduino to Roboteq Controller?

7 months 4 days ago - 7 months 4 days ago #29536217 by CarloCanezo
I am trying to send a value that is filtered by the arduino in real time to the roboteq controller for some feedback control using the Scripting.  I have the Roboteq Controller connected by RS232 with a SBL1360 to the Arduino.

In my first stab, I wrote the code like this.

void setup() {
void loop() {
 ForceReading = analogread(SensorLocation);
 FilterForceReading = Filter(ForceReading);
 Serial.print("!VAR 1 FilterForceReading"); 

However, it would only read zero when I try to run via the Roborun Utility using the following: 

dim Force as integer

"Inside a while loop"
Force = getvalue(_VAR, 1)
Print(Force, "\n")

The ForceReading value does change in realtime, when tested separately.

Is there a syntax error from what I am doing?  Is it even possible?

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