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I plan on running an AX2850 with two DC motors. Both of the DC motors have a stall torque of about 200A. I am aware that the AX2850 is not able to supply 200A continously to the motors, i will be gearing these motors say 20:1 and get enough torque out of the motors at say 50A. I wont need to draw high current from the Roboteq therefore i want to use the current limit feature to limit the current at 80A-90A.

Before i do this i wanted to know how Roboteq actually does this or a rough idea?
Is it that when the current is detected to be going over the set limit the controller reduces the voltage therefore the motor will not draw excess current.
Or is there a technology that uses gat voltage drives to regulated max output current?
Any insights???

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16 years 9 months ago #12579969 by cosma
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The current limiting works by reducing the PWM cycle, and therefore the effective voltage at the motor, when the current exceeds the limit.
<P style="MARGIN: 0px">The algorithm will cause the PWM cycle to lower until the measured current is at the desired limit and it stabilizes there. This is done quite quickly, in 32 to 100ms depending on how fast and how far the limit is originally exceeded.

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