AX3500 and RS-232 Comms

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AX3500 and RS-232 Comms was created by jajones
I am working on upgrading some assembly code to C for a work project and one of the devices I need to talk to is the AX3500. I grabbed an AX3500, a DC motor, the cable, and a CD off the shelf and so I now sit at my desk with a 24VDC power supply connected to everthing. I've connected the motor to M1 and got it to spin forwards and backwards using the Roborun software so I know that it is connected properly. <BR> <BR>The current assembly code is communicating to it via RC (PWM) but I would like to use RS-232. I started up Hyperterminal and setup a comm session for 9600,7,N,1 and reset the AX3500. I expected to see:<BR> <BR>RoboteQ v1.7b 02/11/05<BR>s<BR>RoboEnc v1.7 02/01/05<BR><BR>but I only saw the 's'. I'm assuming this is not good. Because I have the watchdog timer turned on, I'm getting a constant 'W' at 1Hz. However, when I enter a command such as: <BR> <BR>!A10, I get no response back from the motor at all. Is it because when I press ENTER on the keyboard in Hyperterminal it sends a
instead of a
?<BR> <BR>FYI - my software rev is v1.7b. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!<BR>

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16 years 4 days ago #16749040 by bgreat
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By default the "Enter" key sends '
' (0x0d) when using Hyperterm.

For ease of use with Hyerterm, you should enable the ASCII... receive setting to add line feeds to incoming line ends. Otherwise, the responses will overwrite your typed input.

I would recommend turning off the watchdog when using Hyperterm for manual operation... you just can not type fast enough. You can then turn the watchdog back on for production use.

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15 years 11 months ago #17133983 by DrJB
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I noticed you have 9600,7,N,1.

It should be 9600,7,E,1.

Set your terminal for 7 data bits and even parity.

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